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Focus releases resources and leads to the greatest possible success

Focus on authenticity in communication, teamwork and performance improvement.

Focus on a few, central goals for professional and / or personal development.

Focus as a way out of mental overload, stress and biographical trauma.

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Sandra schreibt:

I want to thank Brigida for the fantastic job she did with me. She created a calm atmosphere of absolute trust and understanding, that allowed me to dive deep and go back to episodes of my life that I had forgotten about. She helped me to understand how my body had come up with the symptoms of hypersensitivity to help me. And I was able to see that my old beliefs were outdated, and that I have all that it takes to deal differently with my emotions. Brigida guided me towards great insights. It was empowering and created a sense of great relief. I’m looking forwards to listen to my recording every night!


Maria schreibt:

I was convinced, I had every opportunity I could wish for, to develop the feeling of inner safety that would allow me to get rid of these unforeseeable moments of anxiety that made me overreact, misinterpret situations and spoil good moments, good relations and chances: for years I had relaxation gymnastics, psychological coaching, art therapy, physiotherapy and I was really not lacking successful performance myself. However, the panic of "feeling betrayed and threatened to death" kept arising so suddenly and so unexpectedly and not rarely in the best situations, and I continued to spoil the best things. I could not help it!  And during sleep nightmares continued. 

Brigida enabled me to actually hit its very trigger in the past and to realize: it definitely is not part of my current life. It just keeps projecting itself into here and now for no reason. Brigida then created an individual brief audio for me, because I said, I won't have much time. Using this once a day made me step out of the nightmare almost without noticing. One day I wondered: where is it? -  It has gone! I left it behind me in the place where it had come from. 

By now it’s more than a year ago  and, – let’s cross fingers –  it hasen’t come back. Filled with joy and love I fully experience my current life without being interrupted by irrational panic attacks. Being able to say that, brings tears of gratitude to my eyes! 

An unbelievable change! Thank you so much! 


Dorothea schreibt:

I am so incredibly grateful for the amazing RTT session I had with Brigida Lorenz on the Obsessive Compulsive Behavior of picking my skin, that I had for over 20 years. I have tried everything from therapy, online programs, professional coaching, to wearing gloves, sticking reminders all over my mirrors and nothing had helped. I got to a point of real desperation, doubting myself and my sanity because I simply could not control that impulse of picking my skin and going into a trance-like state where I would pick my skin for hours sometimes, totally destroying my face, decollete, back, arms, even legs. It made me feel so ashamed, always having to put some make-up over the destruction I had created on my face before seeing anybody and knowing it still showed despite all the make-up. 

Through the RTT session Brigida helped me identify the reason why I had adopted that behavior and the function and hidden benefit that it had for me. She helped me to eliminate that need, meet the function in new ways and get completely rid of the urge and trigger to pick my skin. So I am finally able to have beautiful, healthy skin and be able to go out without any make-up. As side-effect the skin impurities that I used to have also resolved themselves very quickly! I can't express what a huge difference that has made for me in my life, it was so simple and effective and has been the only thing that finally worked!

Dorothea, from Denmark

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about me


professional career


My name is Brigida Lorenz. I was born in Vienna in 1982 and grew up in Wales, southern France and southern Germany. I have been living with my family in Malans in Switzerland since 2005.

Thank you for your interest in my work.


The question of whether we are healthy, productive and happy is influenced by the mind and body. My own life and my educational path have shown me that we always need mental and physical support. Not only our experiences and the resulting selfllimiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors change our well-being. The chemistry in our body and brain also changes how we feel and how productive we are.


The path to a good life must therefore be double tracked. Meditation & nutrition, exercise & releasing personal trauma, the right sleep behavior & positive relationships, or supplements & self-love are examples of how we can support ourselves on different levels.


By focusing on your personal goal, we will find the right strategies for you in our coaching session.

My goal is a fulfilled and great life for you. It is possible and everyone deserves it!

2000 - 2002 Specialneeds Teacher Training, Wales

2003 - 2011 Part-time medical assistant at the University Hospital Tübingen

2007 - 2011 Bachelor in Psychology at the Open University Milton Keynes, UK

2012 - 2015 Master in Developmental Psychology, University of Zurich & Walden University, USA 2013           Training to become a SAFE® mentor (SAFE® training for parents), Munich, Germany

Since   2013 Self-employed consultant and leader of seminars for parents

2014           Research Associate, Developmental Psychology, University of Zurich

2015           Training as a Strategic Intervention Coach with Tony Robbins

2015 - 2017 Further training as a trainer for experiential education and outdoor training

2017 - 2019 Training as clinical hypnotherapist in RTT with Marisa Peer

2018 - 2020 Studies of kPNI (clinical psycho-neuro-immunology)

Since   2019 Lecturer in developmental psychology, Chur

Since   2019 Self-employed as a coach and hypnotherapist, Malans


Member of the International Hypnosis Association (

Member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (I.A.C.T.)

SAFE mentor for attachment development, Switzerland

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Höre auf dein Herz.

Finde deinen Weg.

Lebe dein Genie


Höre auf dein Herz. Das Herz ist ehrlicher als der Verstand.

Der Verstand lernt. Lernen und nachmachen können wir Menschen sehr gut. Wir machen es von Geburt an. Wir machen Mama, Papa, jeden nach, den wir erleben. Deshalb können wir aufrecht stehen, gehen, Fussball, Zeichnen, telefonieren, Komplimente annehmen oder auch nicht und alles andere auch.

Der Verstand macht andere nach. Er ist zum nachahmen da. Dadurch können wir anderen folgen. Wir gehen mit. Wir treten in ihre Fussstapfen und verfolgen ihren Weg.


Du - anders, besonders, einzigartig -, das was dich ausmacht, kann nicht abgeschaut und nachgemacht werden. Deinen Weg kann dein Verstand dir nicht zeigen. Hier muss der Verstand vor der Türe warten. Du musst dein Herz öffnen, ehrliches Interesse mitbringen und fragen: Hey Liebling, was sagst du? Warte, lausche und akzeptiere, was du hörst, fühlst, oder plötzlich einfach weisst. Dein Herz ist ehrlicher als dein Verstand. Es sagt die Wahrheit: es sagt Ja, oder Nein. Go, oder Stopp. Wie ein Wegweiser auch unangenehme Wahrheit zeigt. Nur weil bergab gehen einfacher ist, zeigt er nicht bergab, wenn das Ziel der Gipfel ist. Dein Herz zeigt dir dienen Weg, deine Bestimmung, dein Genie.


Lebe dein Genie. Tu es für dich und für andere. Erkenne dich selbst. Erkenne deine Werte, fokussiere auf die Dinge, die dein Leben wertvoll machen. Tu, was du aussergewöhnlich gerne tust. Was du auch ohne Bezahlung, den ganzen Tag, ohne zu ermüden, immer und immer wieder tun kannst. Was dich in Flow bringt. Das ist ein Herzensanliegen. Jeder von uns hat ein oder mehrere Herzensanliegen. Fokussiere, höre auf dein Herz, finde, was du aussergewöhnlich gerne tust und dann tue es, als würde dein Leben davon abhängen.


Im Flow kannst du nicht anders als andere zu berühren, beeindrucken, erfüllen, erlösen, begeistern, erleichtern, verwöhnen und vor allem emotional berühren. Sie fühlen mit dir und nur das, was wir fühlen, verstehen wir tatsächlich. Ohne Gefühle kommen wir kaum bei anderen an. Ohne Begeisterung springt der Funken nicht über. Wenn du immer wieder aufs Neue zu 100% hinter deiner Arbeit stehst, vermittelt das deinem Kunden Sicherheit, er vertraut dir und möchte mit dir arbeiten.


Auch für deine Kinder, Freunde oder Verwandte bist du der beste Mensch, wenn begeistert, erfüllt, im Flow. Fokussiere deshalb auf die Dinge, die dein Herz berühren und dein Leben wertvoll machen. Leben ein geniales, wertvolles Leben. Tu es für dich und für andere. Lebe dein Genie.

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