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Important: read about my gift for you...

If you want to experience even more success, through an even better focus, that opens up completely new possibilities for you, I have another gift for you: For a short time I am offering you my exclusive "Brain-Energy Consultation" free of charge. In this consultation you will learn how you can bring THE change into your life that you want. Scroll down here on this page and choose to get in touch now.

Behavioral patterns, stress or fear can only be changed sustainably if the conscious and subconscious mind work together.

The subconscious mind is therefore really inportant. If the subconscious and the coscious mind hare in dispute, the subconscious always wins! In hypnosis, your subconscious can be changed and convinced of your goals. This is why hypnosis helps so many people achieve their goals.

Because the vast majority of my clients have already experienced chronic stress for many years when they come to see me, I offer them both hypnotherapy and the scientifically researched methods of clinical psycho-neuro-immunology (kPNI). These two disciplines complement each other perfectly.

If you would like to try this approach for yourself, book a free appointment below.

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what my clients have to say


After just one session, my exam anxiety was gone and my grades have improved since.


Gymnasium Student

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I want to thank Brigida for my wonderful session with her. She creates a peaceful atmosphere of deep trust and compassion.




I cannot put into words what a big change the therapy has brought for me. It was so easy and effective and it finally helped me after searching for such a long time!




Brigida A. Lorenz
Developmental Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

My name is Brigida Lorenz. I am a developmental psychologist, caoch and RTT hypnotherapist. Clinical hypnotherapy has scientifically proven benefits for health, for pain treatment, for anesthetic intolerance, for the treatment of chronic stress, fears, skin problems, chemotherapy intolerance and many other ailments. I use clinical hypnotherapy to help my clients to concentrate in exams, relax deeply, increased performance in sports and improve self-confidence and self-love, among other things.


My domain is developmental psychology and brain health. We now know that early experiences have a major impact on our health and personal success. The question of whether we are healthy, productive and happy is decided on the basis of both psychological and neuroanatomical factors. My psychology studies, hypnotherapy training, studies in clinical psycho-neuro-immunology (kPNI) and my experience as a therapist have shown that body and mind must be viewed as inseparable parts of the whole humand being if the goal is well-being and a healthy life. Clinical hypnotherapy, and individual kPNI and attachment coaching have been my professional focus and passion since then.

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There is only a limited number of free

Use this opportunity for yourself. It can be a major turning point in your life. After the conversation you will know what to focus on in order to get what you want and have even more success.

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