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Like our bodies, our brains need regular care to stay healthy. To maintain brain health, you’ll need to know what your brain needs.
Practicing brain care can mean the difference between success in life and depending on social services, between mental sharpnes and dementia, or between academic success and learning difficulties. There is a reason why some stay lucid long into their later years and others experience mental decline after a concussion or due to ADHD or depression symptoms.

Brain Coaching is a set of tools or life skills I believe everyone should be taught how to apply. We are all taught how to brush our teeth, and although mental and dental care are quite different, brain coaching can be learned just like brushing or flossing our teeth. The aim of my work and the project Don't Lose is to empower caregivers, teachers, and policy makers to support the human condition, and to develope skills and tools for bright and healthy brains of each and everyone of us.

The project Don't Lose started in August 2021 with an international collaboration of brain reserchers contributing to the development of ressources for everyone to use daily.
What followed was a workshop for young people in Chur commited to helping their relatives, peers, and themselves when suffering from burnout, overwhelm, stress, or depressive symptoms. The outcome of this workshop is a tool box. "The Power Box". It is a physical box contaning several imtems which are all easy to use and their benefits for brain health are all backed up by a wealth of research findings. 
Find out more about the content of the Power Box here.

I believe that Switzerland and the western world has a strong need to cooperate and learn from eath other in order to imporve the conditio for people of all ages suffering with mental illness. We have to protect children and young people as good as we can from the dager of loosing their mental health, loosing joy, courage, agency and many years of their lives to mental ilness. We have to provide tools for highly enganged employees sucoming to burnout. And we have to react to the findings of the WHO on the growing numbers of people living with dementia. 

We should do better! If scuicide is the second leading cause of death for young people, there clearly is reason to serach for better ways and to make an effort to build mental health. 
Sofar, researchers form quite different cultural backgrounds have contributed to the growing ressources on this pagefor everyone to use. It is this exchange between experts which I am hoping will help us find best practice approaches. Mental suffering is not tied to national borders and should therefore be approached with an international task force. Different cultures, reserachers and communitites support mental health and treat depression differently. It is by connecting, that we can creatr tools for schools, parents and individuals around the world. I feel it is our responsibility to make an effort for each and every member of our society and dissolve the tabu, shaming and exclusion around mental illness.

 a wealth of research findings. There is collection of short stories of post traumatic growth. A journal for 5 to 10 expressive writing sessions. A black board with a weekly calendar on it, where they can schedule in activities in 6 different categories. The categories are meditation, fun activities, exercise, social activities, meal plans, goals. Then they get a booklet with suggestions for each category in their weekly schedule. The box also contains an exercise band with a picture booklet with different moves.

On an accompanying website everyone can find links to step counting apps, meal planners, an online comminity, a memberships site, a contact email, a news letter,

I've studied the brains' need for connection, the power of the subconscious, the mind-body-gut-immune system relationship and our ability to bounce back from hardship. Reserche into these areas provides amazing tools and underlines our ability to heal - an open knee, a broken bone and mental issues, chronic fatigue or pain. I now use these tools and am amazed about the power they have.

The Idea Behind Don't Lose 

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Please get in touch if you are a reseracher and want to contribute to this project. Also get in tough if you are interested in finding out more about the tools and learning modalities.  Here

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